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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  December 29, 2014 6:00am-7:01am PST

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wreckage. >> and a driver plunges some 200 feet to the sea below. what likely caused this crash. >> mainly clear and chilly to start. a mild finish and then i'm talking frigid conditions for tonight. >> and we have the backup getting into the peninsula, a crash blocking one lane. can't move the car. we'll give you the update on that low inging a. >> look at that beautiful shot as. >> this is the "today in the bay." thanks for joining us.
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>> i'm snchl "today in the bay" joins us live in san francisco. stephanie, what are police telling you about what happened inside that house? >> good morning to you, vim specific three outwards, there. >> investigators have been go in and out. they've actually focused now a lot in the last 30 minutes on that front window there. i don't know if that is where the fourth entry happened. but this took place just after 3:00 this morning and police are till looking for the person or people who broke in.
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off camera police con o o puerto rico everything was taken under investigation right now. the. . . police say with multiple stores, there were different stories, different accounts. investigators are trying to put it all together. they did add there's a good deal of fd inside. san francisco bay police also responded. again, this is about three hours in now and they've been inside there sfwrn chasically something
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random. right mu just sfrchl. >> and more breaking news at 6:03. indonesia's vice president says the crews will remain. authorities think the plane crashed on sunday morning i believe the plane flu moo better weather and could blow into a bay area immigrants who have vo
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loved ones on that flight. many are familiar with airasia. one representative says it's a popular destination for oup. >> this is a christmas spirit where people were going for holiday and then mostly they were planning to have holiday breaks and spend new year's eve in singapore, but it ended up like this. >> official federal government. >> the o. the airline had never lost a live until now but it has been a nrp fwchlt investigators think
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the plane crashed somewhere in the indian ocean but they have not found any pieces of that plane. 239 people were on board. >> we want you to stay with us for more on the search for the missing jetline are all day long. you can always get up to the day information on our web site. >> at first light crews will start working to removed a wrecked truck. investigators say ken dahl. the driver is not on since but the know chapter begins today.
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a with what. >> welfare reform see f we'll get a better sense of what the players are saying at 10:00 a.m. after that they'll be cleaning out their lockers and will be available to speak to the immediate yapteam ceo ted york will be speaking about coach jim harbaugh's detransspeaking volumes. it then jufr j we wish him and
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his family the best and announcing ifrnled the team to three nfc title games and a super bowl. >> i appreciate what we've accomplished, i appreciate the fans, the people of bay area, the 49ers faithful, players, coaches, staff. friend for life. >> harbaugh is expected to take the head coaching job at the university of michigan. it's snolt entirely clear why there was a breakdown between harbaugh and the front office. a month ago, end of november, team owner york tweeted out an apology.
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coming up in about 40, 45 minutes, we'll hear from fans and what their reaction is to coach harbaugh's departure. needless to say they're not very happy. reporting live here outside the stadium, we have on top of harbaugh's head, which i think is his staff saying good-bye, in a nice way of course. >> bob, we'll check in with you in about 40 minutes. >> good overall record. >> time to check the forecast. as we look live, the sun has not come up yet. it is cold, though. it's not really going to change for much of the day. let's go to meteorologist
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christina loren. it was chilly. we took the kid to gilroy garden this weekend. i wish i was wearing a parka. >> do you wish you picked a different weekend? >> maybe. >> i drove past there and it was jam packed. i'm glad you brought that parka. and the little ones today maybe doing some shopping, they will be opening around 10 and that's about when we will begin to warm up. visibility dropping a tad here over the golden gate bridge in san francisco. 57 degrees laerts on today in san francisco, 53 on the east shore and 58 degrees on the south bay. this is one of the warmer days of the week. you can expect a chilly morning,wide spread 30s and 40s
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until about noon. the wind is going to increase, pick up and be strong by the end of of the day. it's not going to bring in any rain but it's going to bring in a cold blast of air. temperatures are going to be 5 to 10 degrees colder tomorrow morning. between midnight to 9:00 a.m., frost advisory in place. inland valley 25 to 32 degrees. at the coast, 32 to 39 degrees. we see that a handful to ten times each year. dress in layers, bring in sensitive plants and animals. we are going to warm you up and change the pattern entirely. let's check your drive. a little fog out there, mike. lots of kids are not headed back to school today. >> at least my kids aren't. i have to go back and then my job is not done and have i to
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start work all over again. i love my kids and thank god my wife has taken the day off. the backup here, we'll look at your map. we have this wide view. the orange on the map says petaluma will be a foggy situation. we're looking at the rest of your bay. we have an approach toward san francisco, north 101 at silver, reports of a fast lane, a left-lane block because of a pickup that has a flat tire. the rest of your bay looks very nice. a slight build coming through san jose. a live look toward dublin. an earlier crash on the dublin grade. we'll show you traffic sorting itself out. a pretty light volume right now. this is close to the speed limit, a little slowing through livermore, dublin a little slower as well.
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here's the view from the hayward side. just kind of a haze right now. we've got to be careful. >> we know you love your kids. it's all crafting and -- >> we're getting low in that box. get to get to a joanne's somewhere. >> and coming up, we'll show you a crack down on drunk driving. the new bill that could make it harder to get behind the wheel after drinking. stay with us. >> closed captioning sponsored by mancini's sleep world.
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and the deadline for napa quake victims to apply for federal aid. that includes money for homeowner, essential repairs and disaster needs not covered by insurance. fema has helped more than 2 million people since the quake. >> to start a car, a driver must blow into the breathalyzer. if alcohol is detected, the
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starter locks. >> in those dates that use the interlock are device, they're showing a 30% to 40% reduction in deaths. >> new year's eve police will be on the alert for drunk driving and also drug driving. >> and getting a designated driver helping people to stay safe. >> reporter: everyone knows drunk driving kills. so why do so many of our young people still think they're invincible? >> number one cause of death for people age 16 to 19 in the united states is car crashes.
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>> driving under the influence plays a major role in that chilling statistic. something these high schoolers don't want to be a part of. so they are here looking and acting like they've been drinking. >> i feel like in you have a personal experience, it's easier to be, okay, i'm not going to do it. >> reporter: it's called ford driving skills for life, where kids wear the drunk suit with weights that put them off balance. >> off the line. >> reporter: and drunk goggles that blur and distort vision. when these artificially impaired young drivers are seeing double, it's a real eye opener. frankly, it's something that parents could benefit from, too. with vision blurred and feeling
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disoriented, things become scary. >> i can't concentrate on where i am. the other part of it is i'm getting quite dizzy. >> you're out of the course being completely left of the course. now coming back on. >> man. what do most people say when you get out of the car? >> just what you said, "man." >> reporter: these high schoolers now head home with an education. >> first and last time i ever drive impaired like that. >> reporter: seeing double? >> yeah. >> i will never drink and drive ever. >> reporter: they failed the test but came out a lot smarter. >> time to check your forecast. we want to give you a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. traffic moving pretty nicely. sweat pants has been the theme all morning long with kris
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letting us know what she'll be wearing. >> we all celebrate christmas eve and a lot of people wanting to wear something cute and i was saying i stay inside. >> and you've pointed out they're definitely not juicy couture either. >> let's throw a little sequins on there. >> you put on a little tiara and that's all you need. maybe your resolution, like mine, is to try to get in shape this year, just like every year. today you want to hold off until about 9:10 a.m., especially if you have sensitive ears and you want to go for a run, it is frigid out there. once that sun comes up, this is going to burn och rapidly.
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by 9:00, complete sunshine over the bay area. then that wind is going to pick up. low clouds are starting to settle in. 58 in the south bay, 57 on the peninsula and 57 in beautiful san francisco. our city is going to be jumping for new year's eve. the next couple days a lot of people are going to be coming into town. you want to make sure you have your jacket ready for today. we've got an area of low pressure that will come through as we head throughout today and tonight. you'll notice it coming through because the end will brang crank. it's not going to bring us any rain but it is going to bring us a cold blast of air to. >> starting to warm you up towards that weekend and then we bring that storm track back. it does look look it's going to
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return as we head throughout tuesday and wednesday of next week. you are going to find flight delays out of denver. let's check the drive if you're trying to get to the airport. here's mike. >> look at the fastrak lanes, you're looking good. if you're paying cash, it takes a little longer. i keep reminding folks you can get a transponder. >> through petaluma, a tougher situation. we're talking about fog up here in the orange as you're creeping down through 37. the camera here in san rafael. getting in to san francisco, 101 blocked as you're approaching 280, the flat tire on the pickup
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truck has blocked that lane. anywhere north of the san mateo bridge moving. the southbound also moves slowly. this crash north 28 still has one lane blocked but 85, the transition, the connector has opened up. the first burst of traffic didn't cause a lot of slowing. >> your time is 6:22. rescue mission complete. how crews saved hundreds stranded on board a burning ferry. latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
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this just in, five workers will stay on bored the ferry to try to hook it up to a tugboat. they battled stormy seas to save
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passengers after it caught fire in dangerous waters. five died and it took crews all night to rescue the rest of the 114 people on board. >> we got you, come on! come on, jump! come on, your mama right here! your mama said do it! >> we got you. >> you can catch there right there at the top middle of your screen. that's a toddler into the arms of a good samaritan. those moments caught on camera as a child left from the second floor of a burning apartment building into the arms of a neighbor. this happened in alabama early christmas morning. a firefighter rescued another person from the flames. that's amazing. six people, including four kids, were hurt but everyone is expected to be okay. investigators say food left cooking unattended on the stove started the fire. >> i hope we get to hear from that neighbor at some point because he is a hero for sure.
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>> absolutely. >> 6:26 right now. the opening bell is just a few minutes away. we'll look at the early numbers coming up. >> and gunmen opened fire on two officers patrolling the streets of los angeles. the latest on the search for suspects next. >> and let's look out the window in san jose. the sun is not yet up right now but we can tell you it is a very chilly start and it's just going to get colder. we'll get your forecast with meteorologist christina loren.
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a gunman on the run after opening fire on a neighbor. >> it's not only going to be cold today, it's going to be windy as well. we have to factor in the wind chill. cold and frigid conditions settle in for wednesday. we'll stay chilly for new year's eve but dry. >> but there are balloons waiting to fall. i saw that on your picture. here we're looking at glowing
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lights, orbs because that fog is in the north bay. we'll tell you how that is affecting your drive coming up. >> away from the opening bell, we are looking live from the new york stock exchange. it's purely academic, we're striving for college there and at the nasdaq things we read are ringing the opening bell. it is december 29th. >> good morning. i'm vicky nguyen. >> and kris sanchez. laura garcia-cannon is off this morning. around 9:30 last night authorities say two officers were driving on patrol in a south l.a. neighborhood when suspects fired at the patrol car, one of them with a rifle. the officers fired back but the
6:31 am
suspects got away after a massive manhunt. one man was arrested but the other is still on the loose. >> and it comes at a time when tensions are already running high between police and the communities they police all across the country. richard jordan joins us live from washington, d.c. this morning with more on what is being done to restore the trust. good morning, richard. >> reporter: good morning. the white house and federal lawmakers want to see more dialogue to try and bridge the gap, but it is not coming soon enough. distrust has grown between the police and community and now police and government officials. new york police commissioner bill bratton expects tensions will continue. >> i think it's probably a rift that is going to go on for a while longer. however, we will be making efforts to sit down and talk with the union leaders in particular to deal with their issues. >> reporter: this week and
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protests showed the divide. some gathered to support the police and many others demonstrated against police related deaths. many turned their back against new york mayor bill de blasio at the funeral of officer rafael ramos. many blame him for furthering the divide. >> the mayor of the city of new york should not be blamed. that is wrong. >> this is a mayor that cares very deeply about new york city police officers and cares about the divide in the city and is working hard to heal that div e divide. >> one solution that is getting overwhelming support as well are those police body cameras. many people see that as a way to rebuild the trust between police officers and the communities
6:33 am
they serve. vicky? >> and a lot of bay area departments starting to adopt those body cameras in 2015. thank you, richard. >> it is 6:32 right now. we want to give you a live look at our emeryville camera. some of the cloud have sunk down in and it is a very chilly start to what was a very clear morning up to this point. it was very chilly? >> bone chilling cold. it's the coldest air of the season so far. 46 in san jose. kris made a really astute
6:34 am
observation. this is what it will feel like on new year's eve. mike's been on top of this for you this morning. you can really see that dense fog in sonoma county starting to spread south and a little pocket just developed here in the tri-valley between livermore and concord. here are your temperatures. 58 degrees in the south bay looking good, 56 for the north bay, 57 on the peninsula, 53 on the east shore and 56 and turning windy in san francisco. tri-vall tri-valley, you'll hit 57 later on. new year's eve, it's going to be chilly out there. will there be fog? a nice clear shot of those feerks from san francisco. as you know, a lot of people come to that beautiful city for this big event. so just keep in mind there's going to be a lot of traffic and a lot of people who may not be so familiar with driving around the city of san francisco. you got to bring that patience. right, mike? >> that's right, that's right.
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absolutely because you don't want irritable drivers along with folks who may have celebrated a bit walking around. they'll be am bling, let's say, some folks. these folks making the direct approach in to san francisco. the metering lights turned on just about an hour ago. we'll see another burst about 9:00. so far the cash lanes are the issue. we have our san rafael cameras, there is fog definitely creeping down through san rafael. right now we're registering our road weather index. the orange blob there is petaluma. the road weather index doesn't recalculate for a couple of minutes. use caution up there. with those cold as christine said, there may be some patches of ice up there.
6:36 am
northbound 101 approaching silver avenue has cleared and getting in 101 and 280 looking very good and just a slight build across the san mateo bridge. san jose, no big problems with a little look spacemore. h had. >> scott mcgrew has the morning off but the markets don't of course. so we'll take you for a live look at the big board this morning. you see the dow jones down just about 12 points right now. it will be a short trading week. we'll have to wait to see what happens. good thing it's not black monday on the stock market, only black
6:37 am
monday in the nfl. >> your time now, 6:36. the interview makes history. the redesigned nbc bay area news app has it all.
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> ups is launching new prices today. they'll start charging by size of packages in the u.s. and canada. ups already charges by weight and size for air shipments. fedex announced a similar more this year. >> the cia would love it if you could take him out. >> you want us to kill the leader of north korea? >> yes.
6:41 am
the film has earned $18 million. >> today more than 3 million undocumented immigrants in california are expected to start the process of applying for a driver's license. california's new law allows undocumented immigrants that are california residents to get their driver's license. now, the law goes into effect on friday, but it's today that the dmv will start scheduling appointments for people to take the written, then the driving test. very few dmv centers will allow walk-ins. people are being encouraged to make their appointments on or over the phone. >> it is 6:41 right now. coming up, an update to breaking news out of san francisco. a home invasion robbery just blocks from the university. we're live at the scene from you next. >> plus, it is official. the harbaugh era is over. we take a look back and a look
6:42 am
forward from his time with the 49ers. >> and it is a pretty start to what will be a very cold day. we're back with 15 minutes of nonstop news, traffic and weather after the break.
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and we have an update to breaking news. police in san francisco are looking for two armed men responsible for a home invasion robbery. stephanie chuang joins us. steph, it's not too far from san francisco state and it's good to know no one was hurt. >> that's right. >> reporter: that's always the best news of course. we just got confirmation it was two men who broke into the house here on the 100 block here, a
6:45 am
couple blocks from the san francisco state university campus. the door is still open here and one patrol car. police say the two money robbed two young men at gunpoint. this was around 3:00 this morning. this is not student housing. these are private residences. police are still looking for thos two men. one person was examining the front window for presents. the two victims are young men. they may or may not be san francisco state students. one officer did describe them as understandably very shaken early this morning. again, the good news is no one was hurt. we also know the suspects took property, though it remains unclear what they took. we also don't know if this was a targeted home invasion. police did say there was a good deal of evidence inside and they have been in there with flashlights and taking pictures and dusting for prints around. the san francisco university police also responded.
6:46 am
i asked earlier about the frequency of home invasion robberies and he said, no, it's quite rare they have these home invasion robberies to report to. investigators still inside and wrapping up. the good news is no one was hurt. stephanie chuang, today in the day. >> i'm sorry if you said it and i missed it, the two suspects that were armed, do we know what they were armed with and whether they are a danger to the public potentially? >> police are saying they robbed the two young men at gun point so they are armed and still outstanding, they're looking for those two men. >> you did say that. thank you very much, i'm sorry i missed it. >> it's time to check the forecast as we give you a live look outside at san jose. how do you like that beautiful color scheme. good morning, christina.
6:47 am
>> good morning to you, vicky and kris. maybe you're just trying to head to the supermarket, i can tell you, it's chilly. maybe you're bundled up in bed because you have the day off. the fog will burn off by about lunch time. at this point you're socked in all the way from sonoma through marin county. let's talk about what's happening out there and get into some science this morning. i love when we have raw data that can show you exactly what's happening. ta take a look at this. what happens is high pressure comes in, it forces whatever moisture is available right to the surface and this is what we get as a result, a very thin marine layer that you can see from top to bottom here in this picture of the day bridge. that's some pretty cool stuff to you. tomorrow morning we're not going
6:48 am
to have a lot of moisture valuable but it is chilly. the wind will really crank by this evening. you can see that here on your futurecast at the immediate coast and through mountain passes up to 45 miles per hour. that means we'll have a wind chill factor today. look at where our temperatures are headed. they will plunge as we head through the last few days of 2014. as promised, i'm always moving you ahead in time trying to find our next rain chance. looks pretty good tuesday next week with a series of storms behind this one. >> the golden gate bridge shows you a light let's faulk about the golden gate bridge.
6:49 am
look at san rafael and our camera for 101 here. at times we've lost sight of the southbound headlights. we're building the volume. not a lot of slowing but conditions -- let's look at the bay bridge. christina showed you this shot. she explained the science of what's going on with the cloud. i'm just going to use the traffic shot. we're talking about the science of slowing down, visibility is lower, less reaction time but you do have a smooth drive over there. let's look at bay bridge traffic. those cash lanes, you have to wait a little longer but no problems out of the maze. let's get you that same look with the map. no problems for 37, the san rafael bridge or the bay bridge. concord down through pleasant hill and down through walnut creek, and the cash that had lanes blocked, looks like that's
6:50 am
just about cleared. no problems in toward pleasant hill. the rest of your bay moves pretty nicely but nothing dramatic. the south bay we have one incident, looks like it may be a stall, westbound 237. that's about it for the south bay other than northbound as you're passing by south coyote. and a storm coming up from morgan hill. >> thank you. a lot of breaking news we're following this morning. we have just learned airasia was not equipped with the satellite system that helped track the malaysia missing flight this year. meanwhile, crews have spotted oil slicks and debris in the java sea where authorities think the plane crashed sunday morning local time. the plane vanished from the radar as it was flying to
6:51 am
singapore from indonesia. there were 162 people on board. officials believe the plane flew into bad weather and crashed somewhere in the java sea. back in july a malaysian airline flight disappeared. and in july there was a plan shot down in ukraine, all 298 died on board. a the "today" show will have much more on this breaking story in
6:52 am
just a few minutes. any time we are not on the air, you can always get up to the minute information on our wb site. >> the worst kept secret in bay area sports finally became official yesterday. the 49ers and jim harbaugh announced they are going their separate ways. bob redell, it's safe to say not everybody's on board with this decision, particularly the fans. >> reporter: and you can't say it was a surprise either. there have been so many reports that coach jim harbaugh and team owner/ceo jed york weren't exactly the best of friends, kris. that's evident in this moment just before the game, you can see the awkward hug on the field between both men. the 49ers did go on to win the
6:53 am
game. fans we spoke with don't understand this decision. yes, this season itself wasn't the greatest, but look at the last three seasons, the three seasons prior. in each harbaugh led the team to nfc conference game and won a super bowl game. his record has been 44-19-1, hardly that of a losing coach. >> it's a horrible decision. it's the first year he hasn't made the playoffs as our coach. >> i'd like to see him stick around. he's done pretty good, taken us to the playoffs three out of four years. that's not bad. >> harbaugh is expected to take the head coaching job at the university of michigan. later this morning, the players will clean out their lockers and will be able to speak with the
6:54 am
media. at 1:00, they'll discuss this at a news conference. >> it will be an interesting morning. we'll hear from some of the players at 10:00. >> a lot of shuffling going on this black monday in nfl. well, of all the ways we can make the world a better place, making someone smiles seems like a very simple gesture. >> as you'll see in this story, one man's wish to see his wife smile during a very difficult time has taken on a life of its own. we have a story that will make you bay area proud. >> it was over a year ago that valerie's life was turned upside down with some very bad medical news. the time since has been filled with many unpleasant surprises, but one very nice within. and as you will see in this bay
6:55 am
area proud, one gift for the kindness of strangers keeps on giving. as hard as the doctors and nurse try to make it otherwise, valerie's twice monthly immunotherapy infusions are not all that pleasant. from the moment with the needle to the hours of nothing, there is not much to make her smile. which is why it is so great that should valerie need to smile, all she has to do is look at the purple polish at the tips of her toes and the story behind it. >> it's just something fun to get through this experience. >> reporter: valerie's experience began last august. it was just about a month before her wedding to her long-time partner when doctors told valerie the cough that had nagged her for more than three years was something very
6:56 am
serious, stage four lung cancer. >> it's just devastating to receive that diagnosis. >> reporter: the months that followed was a dark time, salary admits. but that is when with hopes of raising her spirits just a little, ralph took valerie to get a pedicure. she went with her favorite color, purple. then so did ralph. >> he said he'd do this purple as well to make me smile. >> it seemed to work. you were laughing pretty good there. >> yup. >> reporter: it turned out to be just the first, though, of many smiles. that's because after ralph posted a picture of their purple painted toes, a remarkable thing happened -- their friends started doing the same, followed by complete strangers, who had heard about what ralph had done. hundreds upon hundreds of them
6:57 am
all painting their toes and sending their pictures just to make valerie smile. >> it touches my heart, it really gets down to a deep level. and the support and the fun that i think people have with it has, though, become even more than that. with the help of friend, the wonderful gestures have grown into a fund-raising campaign, one that has raised more than $12,000 for lung cancer research and raised the spirits of a woman who needs it more than ever. since we first aired valerie's story in june, the purple toe pictures continue to come in, as has the money. valerie continues with her
6:58 am
immunotherapy tramts, still looking forward to be cancer free. >> your time now is 6:58. one final check now of the day's topster. >> season season police say none of the people living inside the home was hurt and so far no arrest has been made. >> let's bring in christina loren right now for one final check of the forecast. good morning, christina. >> good morning, vicky, good morning, kris, everybody at home. fog over the bay bridge almost crystal clear in san francisco
6:59 am
but that fog is settling in. it not going to watch all day. wind will crank later on ands that going east shore 53 and 55 in the north bay with a very cold morning on tap for tomorrow. let check that drive once more with mook inouye. >> around the base, no drama for the south bay pence larks not even the east bay through hayward. concord pfrpt, lower the speeds, visibility might be tough from here. southbound, 101 through san rafael. lower those speeds through petaluma, know vat owe, because
7:00 am
of that. back to you. >> that's what's happening on "today in the bay." we'll be back with you for more local news at: good morning. breaking overnight. debris spotted. searches locate objects that could be from that missing air asia passenger jet. as officials acknowledge the plane is most likely at the bottom of the sea. we're live with the latest developments on the search. >> rescued. crews say the final passengers trapped on the ferry off the italian coast t grueling 30-hour ordeal as the investigation moves forward. bundle up. up to 45 degrees below normal across the midwest, an arctic blast getting ready to spread to the east and south.


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